Lee & Cates Auto Glass
Window Tinting in St. Augustine, FL

tintThe Florida heat can be brutal in St. Augustine, especially when you’re driving. Lee & Cates Glass in Florida is dedicated to making our community safer, cooler and more comfortable with our full line of automotive glass window tinting services. We’ve partnered with Scorpion, an industry leader in window tinting, to do just that.

Let in the natural light you want, and leave out the unbearable heat, dangerous UV rays and irritating glare you don’t. With the Lee & Cates custom auto glass window tinting service, you’ll enjoy:

  • Performance – With the extra mile you put into your car, you expect the products you buy to perform. That’s why our high-performance auto glass window tinting gives up to 99% UV protection. Scorpion films reduce the “red heat” you feel while driving and protect your skin from dangerous ray exposure that can cause skin cancer over time.
  • Precision – Our professional installation ensures a custom fit every time, and our precision means that we excel in auto glass window tinting. We use all-digital cutting software that eliminates scratching your windows altogether and offers a more precise cut to the tint.
  • Superior service – Lee & Cates stands by our team of glass professionals, proudly offering lifetime warranties on both our workmanship and products. From start to finish, the auto window tinting service takes less than two hours.

st5When you want to ride cooler on the road, contact Lee & Cates Glass in St. Augustine, Florida at (904) 824-0809 for your free window tinting quote.