Lee & Cates Glass

It’s the law! You have the right to choose which company will repair or replace your auto glass. Your insurance company cannot force you to select one company over another. In fact, because some insurance companies have financial interests in auto glass providers, they’re not even allowed to suggest a company to you.

Don’t be steered! Make your own choice. When you choose Lee & Cates, you’ll be working with local experts who’ve been serving our community and the surrounding areas since 1926. That means your money stays local and keeps working locally. And with so many locations in Jacksonville, Tallahassee and southern Georgia, we’re easy to find in case you need help in the future.

If you feel as if you’ve been steered, intimidated or pressured away from the shop of your choice, please contact us and we will assist you in reporting the problem to the proper authorities. You can reach us at (888)844-1989.