Looking for a clean, contemporary addition to your living or dining room? If so, consider a glass-top table. Or maybe you’re thinking about a glass desktop for your home office. With so many colors and styles to choose from, we can provide you with the glass you need. We also can customize the edge of your desk and table glass. Choose from these six edge styles:

Flat Edge - This edge is highly polished like the pencil edge and flat like the seamed edge.
Pencil Edge - This edge has a highly polished, rounded effect.
Beveled Edge - This edge features a straight slope to the edge from a ½ inch to 1½-inch slope.
Ogee Edge - This edge is similar to the beveled edge but has a curved slope rather than a straight slope.
Waterfall Edge - This is a highly polished edge with a curved double or triple cascade.

Because they allow light to pass through, glass tables and desktops don’t occupy as much “visual space” as those made from wood or other non-glass materials, and that can help a room feel bigger and less cluttered.

We’ll be glad to show you glass samples at any one of the Lee & Cates locations in northern Florida or southern Georgia. Just stop in during business hours.