Have you avoided adding more mirrors to your home because you think they're a sign of vanity? No need to worry.

Sure, mirrors hung by your home's doors make it easy to check your appearance before you leave for work or a big night out in Jacksonville, but mirrors also can be used a few different ways to improve the look and feel of your living spaces.

For instance...

1) If you'd like to lighten up a darker room, place a large mirror opposite the window. The mirror will reflect natural light and brighten the room.
2) Want to enlarge a smaller room? You don't need to knock down walls. You can create the illusion of a bigger space with a good-sized mirror or a mirrored wall. By adding depth, mirrors can make any space feel larger.
3) Looking for the perfect wall hanging? Consider a custom-cut mirror in a unique shape. We also can cut mirror glass to fit your favorite antique frame.

There are many more creative ways to use mirrors and other types of glass. For more details, visit a Lee & Cates Glass showroom in Jacksonville or the surrounding area, or give us a call at (800) 433-4198.