There’s no more cost-effective way to create the illusion of a larger space than with mirrored walls. Bathroom. Dining room. Workout room. No matter which room you want to “grow,” the experts at Lee & Cates can make it happen. We install customized mirror walls using the highest quality mirror and attachment systems available.



We work with the leading mirror manufacturers in the world. Our mirrors are produced using a unique process that provides two layers of protection: one helps to prevent scratches, cut-throughs and abrasions; the other reduces the likelihood of chemical penetration from the back of the mirror.

Once we install your mirrored wall, you’ll enjoy a five-year limited warranty against deterioration and contamination that result from any type of penetration through the back of the mirror.

Make a dramatic difference in your home, office, restaurant or retail space. Call us today for more details on mirrored walls, and see what a difference Lee & Cates can make in your life.

"Very impressed by the work and employees! Will definitely use [you] again in the future and recommend [you] to anyone in the area!"

- Megan S. / St. Augustine