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How Tailgating Can Affect Your Windshield
February 28, 2013

As a driver, you already know to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. If road conditions are good, you should be at least three seconds behind the next driver in your lane. Extend that to six seconds at night or during bad weather. Those distances should give you enough time to brake safely if the car ahead of you stops suddenly.

But there's another reason to avoid tailgating: your windshield. A few reminders:

1) As they roll down the road, cars kick up pebbles, rocks and other road debris. If you tend to follow other vehicles too closely, you increase the likelihood that your windshield will take a direct - and damaging - hit.

2) When following a truck with a loose load of gravel or any other cargo that could break free, keep a little more open road in front of you. The extra reaction time could keep your windshield intact.

3) When tailgating, you don't give yourself enough time or space to avoid potholes. If you drive into one, the impact could cause even tiny cracks in your windshield to "run out" and become much longer cracks. That can turn a free windshield repair into a more costly windshield replacement.

Please drive safely.