Windshield LEAK REPAIR

Time and the natural elements work against your vehicle in many ways. Here in Jacksonville and all along the Atlantic coast, salty ocean air, water and other contaminants can team up to penetrate your vehicle's windshield leaks, sidelites and back glass. If the problem is left unsolved, your car's interior can be damaged.

Have you been involved in an accident? If any part of the windshield system was compromised but not properly repaired, you may find water leaking into the passenger compartment.

Have you had a windshield replacement recently? If you notice air or water entering the vehicle, your windshield leak may be the result of an improper installation. If that's the case, see us as quickly as possible. A poorly installed windshield represents a potentially serious hazard.

Lee & Cates' skilled technicians can often detect and repair windshield leaks and stop air and water from entering your vehicle where glass parts meet seals and gaskets. In the event we aren't able to find and fix the leak, you'll pay nothing for our diagnostic work.

If your vehicle has a windshield leak, stop in soon for a no-cost, no-obligation inspection. There are several Lee & Cates locations in Jacksonville and throughout northern Florida, and we can repair it for you quickly.

Don't forget to check out our mobile auto glass repair services.

"Yesterday, the local shop replaced my car's windshield. I was so impressed with the work and cleanup that I returned today to thank them."

- Daniel M. / Lake City